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photo by Lara Hedin

photo by Lara Hedin

Our latest articles

Exposing Mental Authoritarianism Strengthens Democracy  
     by Diana Elephant Journal, 10/12  download pdf

Doing Self Better – Pitfalls of Unlivable Spiritual Ideals 
     by Jeffrey Rubin, Joel, Diana Elephant Journal & Psychology Today 8/12

Wishful Thinking Yoga Journal3/10  read pdf 
              (adaptation of “Pleasure & Desire“ in The Passionate Mind Revisited)

Intelligence Without Design  “Authors Diana Alstad and Joel Kramer probably haven’t solved the American culture wars. But they might have.”               
     —Guernica  7/09 – link to article in the online magazine 
               (adapted from the last chapter of The Passionate Mind Revisited)

Moving Past the Knots: The Yoga of Relationships by Diana 
     L.A. Yoga, 7/06   download pdf 

Teacher Spotlight on Joel Kramer – by Joel (autobiographical)  
       —Yoga Journal, 10/06   download pdf

(Also see interviews, press, and more on our Passionate Mind Revisited, Guru Papers, and Yoga webpages)

*Our pioneering Yoga Journal articles (’70s & ’80s)     

Yoga as Self-Transformation
– by Joel (1980)   download pdf

A New Look at Yoga: Playing the Edge of Mind & Body – by Joel (1977)   download pdf
Exploring Relationships: Interpersonal Yoga – by Diana (1979)   download pdf
The Third Perspective and Yoga: Bringing East & West Together – by Joel (1981)   download pdf
Mind in Asana  (Interview with Joel) – by Jeanne Cameron (1986)   download pdf
On Yoga & Evolution by Joel (1980)  short pdf in YJ’s “Oracles of the New Age”

*Also on Yoga: Our pioneering Yoga Journal articles

Papers on Social Issues – democracy, morality & abortion

Exposing Mental Authoritarianism Strengthens Democracy
 – by Diana  download pdf
A Winning Strategy for Progressives: Securing Church/State Separation & the Vote – by Diana & Joel (2006)

   On Abortion:
         The Morality of Abortion
 – op-ed by Joel & Diana   download pdf
              San Francisco Chronicle1997  
         Teen Abortion: Requiring Parental Consent Makes No Sense – by Diana (1997)  
         Abortion as a Moral Act – by Diana & Joel (1997 overview of “Abortion & the Morality Wars”)  
         Abortion & the Morality Wars:  Taking the Moral Offensive – by Diana & Joel (1997 – key position paper
         Abortion, Power & the Morality Wars – interview with Diana   download pdf
              Off Our Backs1999 
         Bolinas Voice for Pro-Choice  (on our 1997 abortion activism)   pdf
              Pt. Reyes Light, 1998 
          Responses to “Abortion & the Morality Wars”   (pdf coming)

Other early articles by or about us

Transforming Sexuality: Changing the Context of Conquest
 – Dialogue between Joel & Diana

     New Age Magazine, 1978

Playing the Edges – by Ian Jackson in his book Yoga & the Athlete, 1975   download pdf
     on taking Joel’s 2-day seminar on physical & mental yoga

*(White Lotus Foundation posts the texts of our early articles without photos.)