The Guru Papers
     Masks of Authoritarian Power
by Joel Kramer & Diana Alstad

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Foreign Editions

South Korea:  The Guru Papers, Part 1 – published by Religion and Reason
                              – translated by Miran Choo (2008)
                            Introduction to Korean edition 
by Joel & Diana download pdf

Germany:  Die Guru Papers: Masken der Macht published by 2001  
Zweitausendeins, 1995 – out of print)
                             – translated by Dagmar Neubronner & Andreas Jonda 

 The Guru Papers – published by Progress-Tradizia (2002 – out of print)

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Foreign Press & Translations

German:   Humus für Gurus”   download pdf
                            – review of Die Guru Papers (Psychologie Heute, 1995)

Italian:  “I Quaderni del Guru: Considerazioni sull’Autoritarismo Nascosto
                        (“The Guru Papers: A Look at Hidden Authoritarianism”)  download pdf
                         by Keith Harary – Omni (1997) – translated by Emanuela A. Fontana

            Sex, Lies & Guru Ploys: Insights from The Guru Papers” by Corey Donovan
                        – translation by Stefano Pravato, (coming)

Dutch:  “De ‘Autoriteit’ van de Goeroe”   download pdf  
                       – interview by Kareem van Gennip with Joel & Diana (Bres, Jan 1997)

French:  “Abstraction, pensée dichotomique et dualisme”Guru Papers excerpt
                        – translated by Johnpeter Weldon    download pdf

Spanish:  Marxismo como Religion” by Daniel Heide  (inspired by The Guru Papers)

                   Los Trabajos sobre Gurus – 1st draft of Part 1 of The Guru Papers 
                                                      (translated by AIS, Madrid, 1989 – unpublished)