The Guru Papers
     Masks of Authoritarian Power
by Joel Kramer & Diana Alstad

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Overviews by us
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Overviews: “The Guru Papers affects people personally and also has far-reaching social implications. Although its major thesis is straightforward, it is also multi-faceted with ramifications that spread far and wide….” – by Diana and Joel

How The Guru Papers Differs from other books on gurus and cults. Decoding guru/disciple dynamics of control and surrender displays “mental authoritarianism” writ large, revealing less obvious instances of control and manipulation that occur in many contexts. – by Diana

“Exposing Mental Authoritarianism Can Strengthen Democracy” – by Diana (, 2012)

The Guru Papers Post – 9/11:  “Since 9/11/2001 The Guru Papers has become ever more timely and relevant to the growing threats to democracy, women, children, and a viable world. It points to the very things currently unfolding in our increasingly unstable and polarized world….” – by Diana and Joel

Interviews with us

Question Authority” in Nexus (Boulder, CO) by Ravi Dykema

A Look at Hidden Authoritarianism” in Omni by Keith Harary

On Our Model of Addiction 

On our new model of addiction & critique of 12-step programs
– by Dr. Marsha Rosenbaum, Journal of Psychoactive Drugs 
    review of “Who Is in Control?: The Authoritarian Roots of Addiction
         (chapter on addiction in The Guru Papers)