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Recent Articles

“The Dark Side of Spirituality: The Guru Papers Unmasks Sacred Cows!”  by Julian Walker
       (new review of The Guru Papers,, 6/12)

“Doing Self Better – Pitfalls of Unlivable Spiritual Ideals”  by Jeffrey Rubin, Joel & Diana 
       (Elephant and Psychology Today, 8/12)

Exposing Mental Authoritarianism Strengthens Democracy”  by Diana
       (, 11/12)   download pdf

The Yoga of Relationship:
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Recent Trailers & Videos

Confronting an Evolutionary Challenge” – New Dimensions Radio Interview
        Joel & Diana with Michael Toms  (20 minutes, 10/10 – Free)

The Guru Papers and the Anusara Implosion” – TV Interview
        Diana & Joel with Antonio Sausys  (on
              Part 1 trailer     Part 2 trailer   (on YouTube)
NOTE:  Complete interview  (1 hour, 3/12) – unavailable until Feb. 2014

Talks & Seminar:  “An Evolutionary Approach to Spirituality & Yoga”  (pdf of sample flyer – 2010)

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