The Guru Papers
     Masks of Authoritarian Power
           by Joel Kramer & Diana Alstad

Video Interview

The Guru Papers & Anusara Yoga Implosion” – Trailers & TV interview
      (Joel & Diana with Antonio Sausys,, 3/12):

          part 1 trailer      part 2 trailer    (on 
                 NOTE:  complete interview (1 hour) – unavailable until Feb. 2014

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                     Radio Interviews

“Our Social & Cultural Evolution” (KTRC, Santa Fe  41 min, 11/12)  scroll down      Faren Dancer’s Unicopia Green Radio wide-ranging discussion with us includes:  the “Masks of Authoritarian Power,” the potential for the cultural resurgence of our democratic process, and the power of our conditioning and beliefs. 

Roping the Sacred Cows: Learning to Question Authority” 
     New Dimensions Radio interview on The Guru Papers 
      with Joel and Diana by Michael Toms – download MP3 1 hr; #2549 (MP3 – $1.99)

The Guru Papers, Addiction, & Democracy” interview by Dr. Richard Miller with us  
       on his Mind, Body, Health & Politics  (KZYX, 7/3/12, 1 hr podcast)

Authoritarian dynamics in democracy –  interview with us  (7/24/12)
    Progressive Radio Network, PRN.FM  
           (15 minutes – 
near end of 1 hr podcast – so skip to 41:22 mark)   

Interview on The Guru Papers with Joel & Diana by Solarzar on “Good Vibrations”
        (KRXA-AM, 3/13/10, 40 mins – begins after 5 minutes)

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