Videos on Yoga & Spirituality 

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UPDATE: The YogiViews website is down until Feb 2014

On Yoga 
– Interview with Joel by Antonio Sausys  
       (, 2011, 1 hour)

On The Guru Papers & Anusara Yoga’s Implosion  
       – Joel & Diana with Antonio Sausys 
        part 1 trailer     part 2 trailer    (YouTube
              complete interview (1 hour)   ( 3/12)    

The Yoga of Relationship 

     On the Yoga of Relationship – Interview with us 
          – by Antonio Sausys (, 2011, 1 hour)

     4 video clips
 from our Ojai Yoga Crib talks  (2006) 

          A New Spiritual Framework – Diana, 5 mins (YouTube
          We’re Not Very Good at Being Social Animals – Diana, 5 mins
          Power and Control – Joel, 10 mins (YouTube)
          The Essence of Spirituality is Connecting – Joel, 3 mins

Podcasts on Yoga

Darren Main talks with Joel about his transformative vision of yoga & the evolution of yoga in the West.

Yoga Peeps, Episode 31 – Lara Hedin interviews Joel 
     – on hidden authoritarianism in spirituality and ideals; 
        yoga as an anti-entropic awareness process;
        and with Diana on the Yoga of Relationship

(Also find interviews on The Guru Papers and The Passionate Mind Revisited on Podcasts)