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            The Passionate Mind
A Manual for Living Creatively with One’s Self 
                            by Joel Kramer (1974)

     The Passionate Mind contains Joel Kramer’s early talks demonstrating his unique approach to self-exploration and to helping people look within. By using thought to explore itself, Joel leads people in a living inquiry that expands awareness through self-seeing and self-understanding. It is also an expression of his own inner inquiry concerning the basic mechanisms of thought and how thought creates conditioning. “The seeing is the movement.” As the mind turns inward upon itself to discover how it works, it can see how beliefs, fear, and desire filter and bias perception. This can be done whenever, wherever, alone or in relationship.
     The Passionate Mind
 examines in simple language what each of us can be an expert in:  what it means to be a human being from one’s own unique perspective. It addresses from a new vantage point many of life’s perennial core concerns:  the nature of authority, belief, fear, desire, pleasure, freedom, love, time, meditation, and evolution. In this methodology for self-inquiry, if one temporarily suspends agreeing or disagreeing and lets the words carry one wherever they do, many readers experience a shift into a broader way of observing what goes on inside themselves and also in the outside world.


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Publishers:  North Atlantic Books, 1983  
                    Celestial Arts, 1974

Distributor:  Random House, 800-733-3000

Philosophy/Personal Growth 
$10.95 US / $13.95 CAN 
122 pages 
ISBN 978-0-93819-012-7