The Passionate Mind Revisited: 
       Expanding Personal & Social Awareness
by Joel Kramer & Diana Alstad

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Book review
 of The Passionate Mind Revisited   download pdf  
Yoga Journal, 2/2010  

Intelligence Without Design(adapted from last chapter) “….Authors Diana Alstad and Joel Kramer probably haven’t solved the American culture wars. But they might have.”  
Guernica online magazine, 7/09 

Interview with Joel & Diana on meditation Marin Independent Journal  7/2010 

Wishful Thinking(adaptation of “Pleasure & Desire” chapter)  download pdf
Yoga Journal, 3/2010

“Wunschlos glücklich(er)?” 
(translation of “Wishful Thinking“)  read pdf
Yoga Journal-Germany, 1/2011  

Radio interviews

    *“Reframing Spirituality” – New Dimensions Radio Interview 
            Joel & Diana with Michael Toms
            Program #3386 (1 hour, 5/11)

    *Joel & Diana with Ken Rose on “What Now”  KOWS-FM  Podcast  
       (1 hr, 3/8/10) *Ken’s 1st interview on The Passionate Mind Revisited

      Joel & Diana with Ken Rose on “What Now” KOWS-FM  Podcast 
       (1 hr, 6/7/10) (Ken’s 2nd interview on the book)

      Joel & Diana with Diego Mulligan on “The Journey Home”   Podcast 
         (15 mins, 7/16/09)  Podcast is 1 hr – so skip to 39:15 mark for interview , KSFR-FM Santa Fe, NM

      Joel & Diana with Richard Dugan on “What’s Your Story?  KZSB-AM  Podcast
          (1 hr, 1/23/09)