Our Talks & Seminars 

photo by Lara Hedin

photo by Lara Hedin

An Evolutionary Approach to Spirituality & Yoga
       – talks by Diana & Joel  (pdf of sample flyer – 2010)
          (See Brooks Hall’s article below on taking this weekend seminar)

A Modern Approach to Yoga – Body, Mind, Relationships   
                  pdf of talk descriptions

Some topics:

The Yoga of Relationship 
Spirituality & Evolution
Bringing Spirituality Down to Earth 
Yoga of the Mind 
Unlivable Spiritual Ideals
Unmasking Spiritual Authoritarianism
Yoga in These Times
Heart of Asanas

Others write about our teaching

How Transcendent Ideals Might Limit Us” 
      —by Brooks Hall (about our weekend seminar “An Evolutionary Approach to Spirituality & Yoga”)  
          Elephant Journal online (November 7, 2010)

Erich Schiffmann recounts how Joel taught him to be “guided from within” in asanas  download pdf 
       —in the Introduction to his book Yoga: The Spirit & Practice of Moving into Stillness (1996), which describes and is partly based on Joel’s approach to yoga. 

“Playing the Edges” – Ian Jackson  download pdf
      – describes Joel’s weekend seminar on physical & mental yoga

      – chapter in Yoga and the Athlete (World Publications, 1975 – Ian’s book on running & yoga)