Our Yoga of Relationship
Michael Segal Photography

Michael Segal Photography


 The Yoga of Relationships
   1-page pdf
      by Joseph Dispenza (Atención, San Miguel, Mexico, 2008)

 Moving Past the Knots: 
       The Yoga of Relationships   download pdf
        by Diana (L.A. Yoga, 2006) – overview of our related writings

*Exploring Relationships: Interpersonal Yoga 
      by Diana  (Yoga Journal, 1979) – foundational    download pdf         Unraveling a Knot – process for getting unstuck     
                 by Diana (in “Exploring Relationships”)  pdf of exercise

Transforming Sexuality: Changing the Context of Conquest
     – A Dialogue between Joel & Diana  (New Age, 1980)




*Love and Control:
       The Conditions Underlying Unconditional Love
(chapter in The Guru Papers – foundational framework)

*Love  (chapter in The Passionate Mind Revisited, 2009)

*Love and Care – social dimension of “Love” (commentary in The Passionate Mind Revisited)

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Our Yoga of Relationship videos & clips

     On the Yoga of Relationship – Interview with us   (NOTE: – unavailable until Feb. 2014) 
          – by Antonio Sausys (YogiViews.com, 2011, 1 hour)   

     4 video clips
 from our Ojai Yoga Crib talks  (2006)

            A New Spiritual Framework – Diana, 5 mins (YouTube) 
            We’re Not Very Good at Being Social Animals – Diana, 5 mins  (Yoga Crib website)
            Power and Control – Joel, 10 mins (YouTube)
            The Essence of Spirituality is Connecting – Joel, 3 mins   (Yoga Crib website)