Our pioneering Yoga Journal articles – ’70s & ’80s  

“Tradition is important just as history is important – 
not as a vice to squeeze the present into, 
but rather as a stepping stone to grow from.” 
— from “A New Look at Yoga”

vertical asana key pts

Joel in asana

*Yoga as Self-Transformation
 – by Joel (1980)  download pdf
           – foundational on the nature of yoga & on Joel’s approach to it

*A New Look at Yoga: 
          Playing the Edge of Mind & Body
 – by Joel (1977)  download pdf
               – foundational on Joel’s approach to Yoga of the Mind (Jnana) 

*Exploring Relationships:    
          Interpersonal Yoga
  by Diana (1979) download pdf
                – foundational on our approach to the Yoga of Relationship          

*The Third Perspective and Yoga:
          Bringing East & West Together
– by Joel (1981)  download pdf
                – foundational on a non-traditional spiritual worldview

 Mind in Asana 
           Interview with Joel – by Jeanne Cameron (1986)
 download pdf

 On Yoga & Evolution
          by Joel (1980)  short pdf in YJ’s “Oracles of the New Age”

justin GLOBE-small 

“Yoga as Self-Transformation”  
       download pdfs of translations in
 Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Japanese 

 Italian translations   download pdfs