The Guru Papers
     Masks of Authoritarian Power
by Joel Kramer & Diana Alstad           

                                                                       Selections – download pdfs below

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Table of Contents  pdf  

Introductions to the Book

     “Why Focus on Authoritarianism

     “Religion and Morality” & “Reexamining the Sacred”

Part 1:  Personal Masks  (on the guru/disciple relationship)

     “The Assault on Reason”  (complete chapter)

     “Gurus & Sexual Manipulation” – includes “Betrayal of Trust

            “Spiritual Hedonism– end of “Gurus & Sexual Manipulation”

    “The Traps of Being a Guru” – includes “Deceit & Corruption

     “Healing Crippled Self-Trust (end of Part 1)

Part 2:  Ideological Masks

“The Morals Wars” – Introduction to Part 2

What’s at Stake (end of chapter on fundamentalism vs modernization)

The Dark Side of Monotheism” – end of “Satanism & the Worship of the Forbidden: Why It Feels Good to Be Bad

Oneness, Enlightenment & the Mystical Experience”  (complete chapter)
        – Key chapter critiquing the Oneness ideology & contrasting it with mystical experience

Symbol Systems & Power – from the last chapter: “The Power of Abstraction”